Aerogel Combustion Chamber

The design of an aircraft requires taking into consideration countless amounts of variables and limiting aspects that can affect the functioning of the vehicle. One of the main ones is weight. The heavier the components used, the more energy will be required to operate the aircraft, and therefore less efficient will be: it will consume larger amounts of fuel, have higher costs and expel more contaminating gases.

There are other factors that are not so evident but might also have a huge impact in both the efficiency and cost of an aircraft operations. The improvement of these parameters does not only improve performance but has also an impact in the emissions to the atmosphere, decreasing them as less fuel is required. The purpose of our project, Aerogel C.C. (‘Aerogel Combustion Chamber’), is to obtain improvements in the efficiency of a jet airplane by two means: reducing thermal losses at the combustion chamber of the engine and an additional weight reduction.

Profesores: Omar Martínez Lucci.

Alumnos: Manuel Cachón, Iñaki Carrera, Laura Collazo, Íñigo Estébanez.

Asignaturas: Termodinámica y Propulsión. Grado en Ingeniería Aeroespacial en Aeronaves.

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