Basic Course Revit

In Spain, there are already some Architecture practices and Engineering firms that are nowadays using the software successfully. But even if you were the only one using the software, you would have no problem relating to other design and construction agents, nor with the rest of the industry. The interoperability between Revit and AutoCAD (the most widely spread design application until now) is tremendously easy and simple. Remember that both software applications are designed by Autodesk. The workflow between both is very well thought-out. You could model a building in Revit, and easily export it to AutoCAD without losing a bit of work, and vice versa. Last but not least, keep in mind that this is a whole new world for you. It can improve every aspect of your professional life. But we all know that Rome wasn´t built in a day. Even though it will be quite easy for you to learn the software, it takes time to be able to master it and get the most out of it. Be patient. We can assure you the effort is worth it.


Basic Course Revit
Formato: 45 x 28 cm y PDF interactivo
Páginas: 55
Idioma: inglés
ISBN: 978-84-697-0666-4
Año: 2014

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