Carlos Quiteiro Gómez Muñoz


Carlos Quiterio Gómez Muñoz got the European Doctorate on Science and Technology Applied to Industrial Engineering at the School of Industrial Engineering (ETSII) of Ciudad Real in the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), Spain. He got the Master’s degree in Industrial Engineer and from ETSII (UCLM). He is Industrial Engineer from ETSII (UCLM) and Technical Engineer in Industrial Electronics from the School of Industrial Technical Engineering from Toledo (EUITI) in the UCLM, where he got the “Repsol Energía” award to the best final degree project in the Energy Environment.

His main research interests are related to research new techniques for structural health monitoring using ultrasonic guided waves, predictive maintenance and signal processing for fault detection and diagnosis. Other research line is the use of drones with radiometric sensors for inspecting photovoltaic solar plants.

As a result of his research work, he has published: 5 papers catalogued in the Journal Citation Report (JCR), 3 patents, 6 book chapters and more than 10 conference papers.

Currently, he is working as a professor at the European University of Madrid, in the department of Industrial and Aerospace Electronics.

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