Conceptual and preliminary design of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV G2

  1. Design of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, by means of theoretical analysis and applied software analysis of the subsystems of: aerodynamics, structure, flight mechanics, mechanic and graphic design.
  2. Manufacturing of the UAV model to be tested in UEM wind tunnel and to be flown outdoors. The aims of the payload are mapping the ground elevation and measuring the flight altitude.  

The purpose of this project is to design a UAV that can do elevation recognition. For this we needed to put  all  our  knowledge  and  design  a  prototype  that  flies  at  low  velocities  and  has  a  very  stable  flight. Computational analysis was performed with ANSYS Fluent and XFLR5. The 3D design was made using the software CATIA V5. Manufacturing needed to be done with a maximum budget of 350€. 

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