Reducing Aviaton Climate Impact

We were tasked with synthesizing a material. After this, we would analyze its properties in the upcoming material sciences class. Our group, inspired by current events, decided to focus on the production of hydrogen through water electrolysis. One of today’s biggest issues and tomorrow’s biggest threats is the continued and increased use in non-renewable energy resources. Amongst the many solutions, hydrogen fuel cells have received a lot of attention in recent years, due to the increase in fame and numbers of electric cars. The production of hydrogen through these electrolytic cells is a development that can aid hydrogen fuel cells in the future. The reasoning behind this is explored in depth in the Sustainability Study (V.). It is also there that we will discuss our plans in terms of the Materials Sciences analysis of the material.

Profesores: Fermín Navarro Medina, Mariana P. Arce García.

Alumnos: Daniel Jacobs Maritzia, José Maria Carra Bueno, Daniel de la Peña Jiménez, Gustavo de la Rocha Escuredo, Luis Alberto Aguirre Maldonado.

Asignatura: Química para la Ingeniería, Ciencia de los materiales. Grado en Ingeniería Aeroespacial en Aeronaves.

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