Mechanical design for people with reduced mobility

The objective of this project is to increase the quality of life of people with reduced mobility. Particularly, we focused on the struggles that they face when travelling to work or simply getting around and going about their daily lives. With this in mind, we analyzed the market to find a way in which we could help our target customers, focusing on people in wheelchairs.

In analyzing our end user, we decided that what they needed was in fact some sort of handbike that they could attach to their wheelchair. A handbike is like a bicycle, but hand operated. This way, they could just join it with their wheelchair to move around and, once they reached their destination, leave it on the street like any other bicycle (probably with a lock) and move around in their wheelchair. We decided to analyze the existing market, and in doing so soon reached the conclusion that most the exiting handbikes where complicated to attach and very specific for a single type of wheelchair. We considered four main competitors because they hold the majority of the existing market, and out of those only one had a system that could be attached and removed from the wheelchair easily. None of the competitors provided a system that could be attached directly to the wheelchair by the user without the need of extra parts that had to be welded to the original wheelchair. Additionally, the minimum price for these handbikes was 1700 €.

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