Raúl Recuero Samboal

Technical Architect for the UPM since 1998. (Award and Best academic record of the promotion) EUATM
Specialty Structures and Systems, Facilities Engineering and Technology Building as part of the Master in Advanced Studies in Science and Engineering Building at the School of Building, by the UPM. 2002ETSAM
Senior Architect for the UPM since 2006. (Award for best academic performance and record of the promotion)
Building Engineer, ESAYA, EMU in 2009.
Master in Building Structures, ETSAM, UPM in 2011

2005-06 Support for teaching in the School of Architecture of Madrid UPM in the Department of Structures.
2008-12 Coordinator of the subject of foundations for the current Executive of Construction Engineering
2009 Professor in Rehabilitation specialization course for the Master Builders Association of Navarra.
2010-12 Professor in the Master's Degree in Pathology, Expertise and Sustainable Heritage Rehabilitation
2007- Lecturer in the School of Architecture of UEM. Department of Building Technology. Structures.

1998-99 Project Manager in the Health Center in Santa Cruz de Oleiros, OHL. 5,500 m2
2005 Expansion Draft Implementation_ building SERGAS_50.000 m2 Partner (A.Perea)

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