Our project consists on the modification of a Beechcraft 350. It is a project inspired with the 

aid of enterprises that helped us develop the calculations and simulations. This project was 

done for the subjects of Fluid Mechanics and Business Management. It includes an 

engineering part and an economic analysis.

The Beechcraft 350 is an aircraft developed by the Beechcraft company. They are civil aircraft 

that can be overhauled for mission purposes on demand. The King Air fleet has posted one of 

the best safety records of any business airplane, but the 350 stands out as the best. The 350 is 

the biggest King Air.With full fuel tanks and a 200-pound pilot, 1,600 pounds of payload 

remains, so a full-sized person plus baggage can be carried in every seat. This characteristics 

make it ideal for our project . We want to overhaul the Beechcraft 350 for millitary 

applications. The project consist in the installation of a SATCOM RADAR for vigillance and 

surveillance. This plane's operational capabilities make it more than ideal for the millitary 

mission of frontier control and far distance detection.

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