Emergency sledge for reduced mobility people

This Project is aimed to help people with some serious or advanced disabilities. We had to think about something that could make their lives easier or even save them from serious risk situations.

In this case, the one of the most dangerous situation that could happen to them is fire. When fire is detected, the protocol to follow in these cases is to run away from the main building in which the fire is happening.

The main problem of these situations are the main members of the building, in which, some of them need help even for walking, so in case of fire they need to be evacuated as soon as possible and safely.

Then, a question came to our minds: ¿Why don’t we help them in this situations and what device could save their lives in this case?

After a few hours of thinking, an idea came up: as well as external stairs is a way out for normal people, why don’t we modify those stairs in order to deal with disabled people with wheelchairs? Our solution: an emergency sledge designed for reduced mobility people.

Basically, this system is parallel to external emergency stairs, in which the structure is attached to the main building from the outside.

Deeply, our system works by the same principal of a conveyor I which the front wheels of the wheelchair are going to be fixed between 2 wheel bars so that the wheelchair will be pulled down to the ground floor and then they can be evacuated by firefighters members.

The conveyor is going to be propelled by a pneumatic engine which is provided by a compressor with a 500L reservoir capacity in case the electricity runs out, which is a probable situation, and also because pneumatic engines are  very powerful. 

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