NAAB Substantial Equivalency

The architecture programs offered by the School of Architecture at Universidad Europea de Madrid have obtained in march 2015  the Substantial Equivalency offered by from the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) of the United States of America, after successfully passing the first, second and third NAAB evaluation visits. The programs Substantially equivalent are Bachelor´s degree in Architecture, Bachelor´s degree in Fundamentals of Architecture and the Master´s degree in Architecture.

The Architecture Program Report APR, the final Visiting Team Report VTR from Visit 1, Visit 2 and Visit 3 and pertinent attachments, and the current edition of the NAAB Conditions and Procedures for the Substantial Equivalency are housed together in the architecture library and are freely accessible to all.

The term “substantial equivalency” identifies a program as comparable in educational outcomes in all significant aspects, and indicates that it provides an educational experience meeting acceptable standards, even though such program may differ in format or method of delivery. Substantial equivalency is not accreditation.

The designation is valid for six years beginning 1 January of the year in which the final visit (Visit 3) took place. In order to maintain the designation, the program must be visited again in the sixth year of the designation.

Information on NAAB Substantial Equivalency procedures and guidelines could be found at:

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